The Personal Care Your Case Deserves

If you have a legal issue that needs to be resolved, it's important to get the job done right. We are well-known for taking cases that may seem small to other law firms. We have a reputation for turning small cases into big cases and finding ways to get valuable results for you.

You want to make certain your case gets into the hands of an attorney who will give it the personal care and attention it deserves.

At the law office of John A. Tinney in Roanoke, we recognize that you are coming to us because you have a serious case. Your case will be handled personally by John every step of the way. You will also get the full support of the other attorneys at the firm and the entire team.

As your case moves forward, we will always be available to you. We take special care to make certain that you are involved and informed, and that all of your questions are answered along the way. That's the level of attention you deserve.